Richard Erdman Sculpture in Stone and Bronze

This handsome and comprehensive 72-page soft cover book includes 56 color reproductions, with an introduction by Michael Wehunt.

Focusing on outdoor sculpture in public and private collections, the book provides a curated overview of major works in international collections.

Richard Erdman Sculpture in Stone and Bronze in paperback

Richard Erdman Monograph

Skylark Press is pleased to announce the publication of the new monograph, Richard Erdman, A Retrospective. This definitive book and documentary project spans 30 years of the artist's work in both a 230-page Hardcover and a Limited Edition set.

Erdman creates sculptures designed to make a visceral and somatic connection with us. They stop us in our tracks not simply to admire or stroke them, but to sense them and experience their movement as much as their presence. He speaks constantly of the viscerality he seeks, a viscerality inherent to the very purpose of sculpture. — Peter Frank, Art Critic

Hardcover Edition

Book size is 10" x 12.5", with over 200 color plates, spanning nearly three decades of the artist's career. The book includes essays by noted art critic Peter Frank and a DVD with both a documentary about the artist, produced by Emily Lau (History Channel, Discovery Network), as well as a newly edited version of the award winning documentary "Passage."

Limited Edition

Limited collector's edition is leather-bound, accompanied by an original bronze maquette, created by the artist exclusively for this limited edition. The 8.5" sculpture, Velu (pictured at right), will be signed, numbered and dated. The book and sculpture are packed in a handmade leather-bound box and comes with a personalized, signed and numbered certificate.

Richard Erdman: A Profile DVD

Richard Erdman: A Profile

Fine art resonates at the deepest levels. It speaks in tones we understand before we recognize the language. In this special documentary film highlighting the history and process of Richard Erdman, we travel with the sculptor from the hush of the Vermont mountains to the renowned marble quarries of Carrara, Italy. His legacy is one of inspiration and visionary realization that has left his mark on five continents and continues to grow. Over a career spanning nearly four decades, Erdman’s work graces collections and museums in 50 countries around the world. Filmed in calm beauty mirroring the quiet patience of sculpture, award-winning director and cinematographer Amanda Zackem has captured the essence of Richard Erdman’s oeuvre: the permeation of stone into life, the moments of reflection we cherish, the connection with our home all around us. And under our feet.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Amanda Zackem
Producer: Abbey Meaker
Location and Post Sound Mixer: Dan Mazur
Production Assistant: Ashley DeLucco
Music: Jonathan Zalben

Included on the DVD is the 28-minute documentary entitled Passage: A Richard Erdman Sculpture.

This fascinating documentary records a remarkable artistic process – the creation of the largest sculpture ever carved from a single block of travertine. The work was commissioned by Donald Kendall for the PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens in Purchase, New York. Thirty-one year old Vermont sculptor Richard Erdman needed two years to complete the immense task.

PASSAGE follows the evolution of his work, beginning with the quarrying of the 750–ton block of marble in Tivoli, Italy. Then, the rough-cut block was transported 330 miles along small Italian roads to Carrara, where it was carved by a team of Italian stonecutters whose traditions stretch back centuries. PASSAGE culminates with the sculputure’s arrival in New York harbor and its installation at Purchase.

Director/Cinematographer Albert van der Wildt
Editor Bert Haanstra
Music Loek Dikker
Narration written by D. B. Jones
Narrator David Brierley
Executive Producer Anthony Sheldon-Moir
Produced in the Netherlands by Nico Crama (1985)