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2016, Limited Edition Monograph

About the Artist


Richard Erdman is an internationally renowned sculptor who creates soaring sculptural works in bronze and stone in the abstract mode. A graduate of the University of Vermont, the artist’s career stretches over three and a half decades. His art is known for its vitality, energy, and light buoyant motion, as if defying the material from which it is formed. The power and life the artist bestows in his work, both daring and subtle, conveys passion and strength, deeply engaging the viewer.


Latest News and Views from the Studio

Richard Meier: Sculpture

Richard Meier: Sculpture

Posted on Oct 28, 2015 in Commission, Press

Richard Erdman has long been an admirer of the architectural work of Richard Meier, so to join forces on a project in Taipei, Taiwan is an incredible honor.  We will share the details regarding this commission soon; in the meantime, enjoy seeing another side of Meier, one deeply aligned with Erdman. Richard Meier: Sculpture Leo […]

Burr and Burton Academy Awarded Richard Erdman Sculpture

Burr and Burton Academy Awarded Richard Erdman Sculpture

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 in Event

Richard Erdman was recently awarded an Alumni Achievement Award from his alma mater, Burr and Burton Academy, located in Manchester, Vermont, and in a generous gesture of gratitude, has donated the original sculpture entitled Alysse. Erdman’s hope is that this gift will encourage and inspire future students of the arts, providing the spark that ignited Erdman’s passion […]

From the Archives: Momenta and Elise

From the Archives: Momenta and Elise

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 in Featured Sculpture

Both Elise, carved from Italian petit granite, and Momenta, carved from Italian Paonazzo Marble, evoke an ephemeral quiet, a sense of solitude, yet they  also contain the impression of latent energy, as if ready to move or combust at any moment. The soft and gentle curves of these sculptures draw one to deep inspection, while […]

Recent Works

A selection of recent sculpture in stone and bronze