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Having fallen for the mysteries of stone at a young age, Richard Erdman has spent his career creating a singular family of forms. Entranced by geologic time, perpetual motion, and natural forces, Richard imbues his sculpture with universal tensions while also letting them express something wholly their own, using a provocative language of curves and contrasts.

As a child growing up at the foothills of the oldest American marble quarries, in Dorset and Danby, Vermont, Richard and his friends would sneak into the underground cavern to marvel at the “Hall of the Mountain King.” Years later, Richard would make his second home in the world’s marble capital of Carrara, Italy. As a young aspiring sculptor, he established what came to be a lifelong partnership with the stoneworkers of SGF Scultura, a family-run studio carrying on the region’s centuries-long lineage of stone artisanship. As industries shift and generational knowledge of stoneworking dwindles, Richard and SGF partners Mario Fruendi and Silvio Santini work hand-in-hand to create breathtaking contemporary sculpture while keeping a cultural heritage alive.

Through collaboration and diligent aesthetic consideration, Richard believes that architecture, landscape, and sculpture can harmonize for an exponentially enriched experience on both individual and collective scales. He has worked closely on both public and private projects with a host of internationally celebrated architects, including Richard Meier, Antonio Citterio, Enzo Enea, and Marc Whipple.

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