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Serenade for Trousdale House

Rising towards the sky above Los Angeles, Serenade brings soul and dynamism to Whipple Russell Architects' modernist Carla Ridge home, were it stands at the entryway like an inviting sentinel.  A unified dance of convex and concave motion, the singular marble form conveys a sense of lightness and play even in its enormity. 

Process Notes: 

The blinding white statuary marble of Serenade was extracted from the same region of the Apuan Alps where Michelangelo's stone was harvested--the famed Barattini quarry. From the 25-ton block. the sculpture's interplay of forms were hewn, first by saw and then by hand with intricate detail. Though methods have been modernized, Serenade joins the ancient lineage of stone-carving as a testimony to the material's malleability, nobility, and timelessness. 

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