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Commission A Sculpture

Sculpture, particularly abstract sculpture, serves as a portal to internal and subjective experience and carries the potential to enhance an architect’s specific vision. My medium of choice — stone, and especially Italian marble — is tied to some of the world’s oldest architectural works, and I delight in imbuing the ancient material with new life in innovative settings. With collaboration and diligent aesthetic consideration, architecture, landscape, and sculpture can harmonize for an exponentially enriched experience on both the individual and collective scales. - Richard Erdman

- Richard Erdman's stone and bronze sculptures are in 120 public and private art collections worldwide.

- We work closely with  collectors and collaborate with art consultants, landscape and interior designers, and architectural firms.

- We welcome the opportunity to partner with new clients to create original, site-specific sculpture.

- The commission process begins with a personal consultation between artist and client.

- After this initial meeting, we prepare and presents renderings, sketches, and models.

- The final step is to present a detailed proposal outlining the project’s process, timeline, and budget.

- Please find an example below of a formal proposal made for the recently installed Arete in Taipei, Taiwan 

To inquire about a commission, contact [email protected].

  • Arete, a monumental marble sculpture by Richard Erdman, Taipei, Taiwan
    1/10 | Arete, a monumental marble sculpture by Richard Erdman, Taipei, Taiwan
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