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Inside The Studios

An inside look at our studios in Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy: studio practice, finished works, and public installations published daily to the studio Instagram: @richard_erdman


Something new taking shape in the studio 👀

A spring ‘Sonnet’: celebrating longer days, more light, and the return of green to New England. 🌱#spring #springequinox

Silvio does his finishing magic on ‘Volante’ in our Carrara studio.

A glimpse of 30 years of molds for bronze-cast sculpture, looking like unearthed bones.

An extreme close-up of the brilliant Brazilian blue granite of ‘Satori Blu.’ 🌿🔵🌿

Saying hello to an old friend and a favorite work in the canon: the ancient Winged Victory of Samothrace, carved from Parian marble circa 220-185 BC. 🕊#wingedvictory #marblesculpture

Dispatch from the Carrara, Italy studio: looking up at #SeriTai whose monumental scale cannot be translated in pictures 🥚

Richard and Valentina, our indefatigable moldmaker at Versiliese foundry. 🔥

Seri Tai is on the move. 🌎#seritai #richarderdmansculpture #carrara

Richard with his new sculpture “Lyra”— on its way out the door to in Palm Beach 🕊 #RichardErdman #carraramarble #sculpture

A good day at the Carrara studio with Roberto, Andrea, and Seri Tai. 💥#seritai #richarderdmansculpture

A very young Richard at work on “Stone Scenario,” from the archives. 👀

Taking shape: the monumental #SeriTai gets closer to completion every day, morphing from a 30-ton block of ancient Carrara marble to its final form as a gravity-defying public landmark. #richarderdmansculpture #marblesculpture #publicart

Richard’s new work “Lyra” nearly completed at the Carrara, Italy studio. #RichardErdman #carraramarble #sculpture

Pulled from deep in the archives, “Abstract Arch” dates back to 1984, when Richard was experimenting with different finishes and contrasted the rich softness of patina with the bold gleam of polished bronze. #fromthearchives

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