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Inside The Studios

An inside look at our studios in Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy: studio practice, finished works, and public installations published daily to the studio Instagram: @richard_erdman


“Arete” in the city 👌

The elegant “Muse Lu” bathed in light at, Palm Beach, Florida ✨ #RichardErdman #marblesculpture #375Gallery #carraramarble

Happy Richard with “Form Reclining,” a mottled bronze planet 🌙 #RichardErdman #sculpture

New marble sculpture in progress at the Carrara studio: this is “Lyra” standing upright with its model. #RichardErdman #sculpure

Late night in the studio: Richard crating “Torre” for shipment to in Palm Beach 🌞 #RichardErdman #sculpture #375Gallery

Update from the Carrara, Italy studio: making steady progress on the monumental #SeriTai. The ten foot sculpture, carved from a 30 ton block of marble, will serve as the public centerpiece of the Taichung, Taiwan building “La Bella vita,” designed by @antoniocitterio_patriciaviel #richarderdman #sculpture #antoniocitterio

In the spirit of winter, another snow-covered marvel: #tbt “Toulouse” installed in the sculpture garden at @westbranchgallery 🌞 #RichardErdman #bronzesculpture

Wow—an absolutely stunning photo of a snow-dusted “Spira” at the Enea Tree Museum in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland ✨❄️ #RichardErdman #marblesculpture

#tbt studio director @abbey_meaker with “Laluz,” on view at @melissamorganfineart in Palm Desert, California 😎🌞🌴 #richarderdman #marblesculpture

Awash in light, shadow, and cool blues: “Fiamme” paired with a canvas from Udo Noger at 375 Gallery. 💎 #375gallery #richarderdman #udonoger

Nice winter light light in the Vermont studio today ✨#goldenhour

Inspecting the progress of ‘Seri Tai’ at the Carrara studio. #SerTai #RichardErdman

Curious what the studio has been up to this past year, and what’s on the horizon for 2018? Our latest blog post includes highlights from a busy year. Link in bio.💥Pictured: making progress on Seri Tai in the Carrara studio. #SeriTai #RichardErdman

Hard to believe 2018 is coming to a close - it’s been a big year filled with exciting new projects and opportunities, from California to Taipei. As ever, I am humbled to work with the material I love and so grateful for those who support me. -Richard #top9 #marblesculpture #richarderdman

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