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Inside The Studios

An inside look at our studios in Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy: studio practice, finished works, and public installations published daily to the studio Instagram: @richarderdmansculpture

From the archives comes this playful moment in the history of 'Passage,' with Richard's son Taylor swinging from the scaffolding as the sculpture begins to emerge.💥#fromthearchives #richarderdman #passage #publicsculpture

Summer means flowers, flowers everywhere - just like its colorful counterparts, 'Fiorino' grows and unfurls towards the sun. 🌱#richarderdman #heliotrope

'Volantino' on the move at the Carrara studio. 🌬#richarderdman

From the archives: installing 'Eleos Cascada' in Cabo San Lucas. 🌴#fromthearchives #fbf #richarderdman #cabosanlucas

Doors opening like curtains to reveal 'Arete CDC' through the entranceway of Taipei's newly constructed 'Timeless Tower.'

Taking in the view from the quarries of Colonnata. 🌞

From the archives: Mario holds up the model for 'Crescendo' next to the Italian Bardiglio marble to be transformed into the monumental nine-foot sculpture, now on view in Houston. #fromthearchives #mariofruendi #sgfsculpture #richarderdman #publicsculpture

The model for Richard's bronze 'Confluence' is both dramatic and calming, inviting the eyes to travel and meditate on its infinite lines. #richarderdman #bronzesculpture

Stopping to say hello to 'Venata,' nestled in the gardens of Stanley and Sylvia Stroup's southern Vermont home. #richarderdman #bronzesculpture #southernvermont

Contemplating space and considering arrangements: Audra with several mock-ups from "La Serie Bianca" at the Williston studios. 🍃

Audra diligently cuts along the lines of the to-scale mock-up of "Aurora Bianca," one of Richard's recent works in radiant Carrara white marble.

Stockbridge or stockade? Just a brief roadside stop while delivering 'Sequita' to its new home...

A little behind-the-scenes action from shooting new works with @mattphogan last week 👀

The artist at work: a beautiful studio shot by Rick Levinson. 💥#process #inthestudio #richarderdman

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