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UVM Commencement from Richard Erdman on Vimeo.

Richard Erdman, is honored to be one of the University of Vermont’s, 2016 Honorary Degree recipients.

“Richard Erdman, University of Vermont Class of 1975, is an acclaimed sculptor working in marble and bronze. An artist with a strong international following, he has had more than 160 solo and group exhibitions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In 1985, PepsiCo commissioned him to create the monumental sculpture Passage, which stands at the entrance of the esteemed Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo, considered to be one of the finest collections of twentieth century outdoor sculpture worldwide. Carved from a massive 450-ton block of travertine, the 25-by-16 foot Passage is the largest sculpture in the world carved from a single block of marble. A two-time All-American skier in his undergraduate years at the University of Vermont and a 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Erdman pursued his early career in art with the same passion and energy he expressed as an athlete. Connecting with skilled artisans in the famed marble region of Carrara, Italy, at the start of his master’s studies set his focus on stone sculpture. Once he began working with Italian marble, the physical vigor and mental focus that he had committed to athletics were directed to sculpture. His nuanced understanding of the materials with which he sculpts have led to the creation of a prolific body of work, from intimate maquettes to monumental sculptures weighing up to 50 tons, held in collections in 50 countries worldwide.”

Cinemotography/Edited/Produced by Natalie Stultz
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