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  • Book scan: Jean Dubufett
    1/7 | Book scan: Jean Dubufett
  • Book scan: Richard Erdman
    2/7 | Book scan: Richard Erdman
  • Book scan: Henry Moore
    3/7 | Book scan: Henry Moore
  • Book scan: Isamu Noguchi
    4/7 | Book scan: Isamu Noguchi
  • Book scan: Alberto Giacometti
    5/7 | Book scan: Alberto Giacometti
  • Book scan: Louise Nevelson
    6/7 | Book scan: Louise Nevelson
  • Book scan: Claes Oldenburg
    7/7 | Book scan: Claes Oldenburg

Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens

It has been 35 years since Richard completed his first monumental sculpture in stone: Passage, commissioned by Donald M. Kendall for his renowned sculpture gardens at PepsiCo in Purchase, New York. Carved from Italian travertine,  Passage, reaches 16 feet into the air and 25 feet wide. 

Revisiting the 1986 book documenting work at The Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo. An amazing collection of artists whose work sit alongside Passage: Claes Oldenburg, Jean Dubuffet, Alberto Giacometti, Isamu Noguchi, Max Ernst, Louise Nevelson, Henry Moore, and many other greats.

Gardens designed by Russell Page.
Photographs by Malcolm Varon.

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