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Introducing 'Seri Tai': New Water Sculpture To Be Realized in Taichung

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On the heels of installing Arete CDC at Richard Meier & Partners' Taipei "Timeless Tower," Richard is excited to announce a second commission from the Taiwanese Continental Development Corporation (CDC). The firm will welcome Richard's ten foot sculpture Seri Tai, carved from a 35 ton block of marble, as the public centerpiece of their new Taichung residential building, "La bella vita," designed by celebrated Italian architect Antonio Citterio and his company, Citterio-Viel & Partners. CDC works on the cutting edge of Taiwan’s burgeoning economic growth — with the completion of “La bella vita” and the installation of Seri Tai in May 2019, Erdman’s sensibilities in stone will be firmly woven into the fabric of two major Taiwanese cityscapes.

Seri Tai will be sculpted from brilliant white Carrara marble, a material centuries in the making and shot through with captivating brownish grey veins. In form, the sculpture will be a closed, infinite loop comprised of sweeping curves meant to both exhilarate and soothe. It will maintain only one delicate point of contact with the tranquil waters of a reflecting pool below, and stone will seem to float.

“Water will appear to bear the weight of stone,” says Erdman, “as if their individual qualities have become inverted — witnessing this paradox has the power to create new elemental dialogues.”

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