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Richard Erdman’s art practice is supported by studios in both Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy.

Richard Erdman Studios, Vermont

The team at our Vermont studio works on the business side of operations, establishing marketing initiatives and supporting our galleries in California, Boston, Palm Beach, Montreal, Stowe, Austria, and Switzerland. We manage commissions from start to finish, working with both public and private collections worldwide.

It is here in the lush green mountains that the idea for a work is born, taking shape in plaster as the artist designs and creates his models, which he then brings to Italy to be carved in stone or cast in bronze.

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Inside the studios: works in progress, finished sculpture, and public installations published daily to Instagram.

“Arete Blu” carved from Brazilian blue granite, in the collection of the University of Vermont.

The striations in Tondo Rossa, 2012, carved from Persian travertine, highlights a sandy red landscape

“Gala” carved from Pakistan onyx.

Thinking of sunny days and “Fiora Grande” carved from Italian travertine, unfurling with excitement and joy at the Enea Tree Museum in Switzerland.

For the safety for our team in Italy, the Carrara studio is closed for the time being. Our administrative team in Vermont will stay close to home but will remain connected here and on Through art we can hopefully find moments of calm and connection in these difficult times. - Richard at the Carrara studio with “Spira”, 2020 Carrara marble.

New forms coming to life in the VT studio

Mario inspects unfinished “Aurora” at the Carrara studio.

Thinking back to Volante Moon flying through the air during installation at a private home in California. 🦅

“Satori Blu” carved from Brazilian Blue granite.

Saddened to hear of the passing of Jack Welch, pictured here with “Cuore Rosa”, a sculpture he and his wife Suzy commissioned as a symbol of their timeless and enduring love.

We are dreaming of ☀️ days with 'Sentinel' at the Enea Tree Museum in Rapperswil-Jona Switzerland. Carved from Brazilian blue granite, it’s organic form appears to swell like water while remaining firmly rooted to the earth.

On the move! We can’t wait to install these beauties in March!

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