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Richard Erdman’s art practice is supported by studios in both Williston, Vermont and Carrara, Italy.

Richard Erdman Studios, Vermont

The team at our Vermont studio works on the business side of operations, establishing marketing initiatives and supporting our galleries in California, Boston, Palm Beach, Montreal, Stowe, Austria, and Switzerland. We manage commissions from start to finish, working with both public and private collections worldwide.

It is here in the lush green mountains that the idea for a work is born, taking shape in plaster as the artist designs and creates his models, which he then brings to Italy to be carved in stone or cast in bronze.

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Inside the studios: works in progress, finished sculpture, and public installations published daily to Instagram.

“Cypraea” Embodies Earth and Ocean. Richard's new sculpture “Cypraea” echoes the origins of crystalline Carrara marble, formed by metamorphosis over 190 million years. Emerging from an ancient material with new life, its soft forms of hardened stone speaks a language of energy and time. The embedded history within this sculpture is a testament to the enduring, sublime beauty of nature. #RichardErdman

Working quickly before the plaster dries! Experimenting with new forms in the VT studio

'Serenade' at sunset - this magnificent project was designed by @whipplerussellarchitects and built by @cmfhomebuilders. See the process from quarry to installation in our highlights

Throwback to 1988: 'Elise' carved from Petit Granite #tbthursday

“As with life,” says Richard, “Continuum is in constant motion.” Without beginning or end, this bronze sculpture has a calm meditative quality, enhanced by the richness of its captivating patina.

Aurora in progress at the Carrara studio #workinprogress

Feeling inspired by Constantin Brancusi, “Vu d’atelier (the artist’s studio)” #modernsculpture #weeklyinspiration

Peering past Laluz we spy Sonata Bianca in good company at Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Dessert, CA... repost from @melissamorganfineart

Volante, carved from Carrara marble, embodies a spirit of elation, lifting into the sky with joy

Experimenting with new forms in the Vermont studio!

Richard with “Form Reclining”, we love the rich earthy patination on this bronze beauty!

Muse Lu carved from Carrara marble, @brintzgallery

Throwback to the installation of Passage at the Donald M Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo in 1985!

Meditating on the graceful curvature of ‘Eleos Cascada’, the mind wanders to a warm and peaceful place 🏝 #bardigliomarble

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