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Process Videos

Wren House, 2020

A unique opportunity to create a series of five marble sculptures came by commission for a Whipple Russell Architects project, Richard's second with Marc Whipple. Through collaboration and diligent aesthetic consideration, architecture, and landscape, these five new works – Spira, Arête, Aria, Odyssey, Aurora –represent a vivid cross-section of stone’s possibilities, creating an enriched experience on both the individual and collective scales.

Seri Tai, Taichung, Taiwan, 2019

Monumental in scale, Seri Tai is a public sculpture designed to harmonize architecture and landscape within the urban setting of Taichung. Carved from Italian Carrara white marble, this work was conceived for Citterio-Viel’s La Bella Vita building as a captivating marriage of stone and water. “The awe-inspiring effect of combining these materials,” says Richard, “creates curious tension and encourages contemplation, while humanizing the grandeur of the Citterio-Viel buildings on either side."

Arete, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016

Commissioned by legendary modernist architect Richard Meier, Arete is a monumental marble sculpture sited at the entrance of the cutting edge “55 Timeless” Xin-Yi Residential Tower. Designed to harmonize elegantly with the buildings that define Taipei’s rapidly changing skyline, Arete is among the rapidly growing urban center’s earliest public artworks.

Installing Serenade at the Trousdale Estate, Beverly Hills, California

Installing the monumental carrara marble sculpture Sereande at the Trousedale Estate in Beverly Hills, Caliornia. Estate designed by Marc Whipple of Whipple Russell Architects, 2018.

Installing Volante Moon, Half Moon Bay, California, 2016

Perched between the California coast and the Pacific Ocean, Volante Moon is hewn from Bardiglio marble and takes loose inspiration from the celebrated Hellenistic sculpture Winged Victory of Samothrace. This contemporary work embodies a spirit of elation, bringing into harmony earth and sky.

Installing Arete Blu, a gift to the University of Vermont

Arete Blu is a 92- by 50- by 32-inch sculpture crafted from Brazilian Blue granite, or Azul Bahia

Installing Spira at the Enzo Enea Tree Museum, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Installing Richard Erdman's monumental sculpture Spira, carved from Italian bardiglio marble, at the Enzo Enea Tree Museum in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland.

Making Eleos Cascada, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 2014

The mercurial stone form of Eleos Cascada, from certain angles, looks almost like a nautilus and from others, the infinity sign with its endless cycles. Standing as the centerpiece of a private home situated at the marriage point of the Cortez Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this sculpture invites peaceful reverie as the eye follows the never-ending journey of its lines.

Making Cascata, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2014

Installed upon a circular reflecting pool, Cascata (bronze, edition 2/3) explores one of Richard's most beloved muses: the restless harmony of Nature. It is universally symbolic of power, and Erdman has proved masterful in pairing its disparate elements for peaceful symbiosis. Water is the true force of the earth. Here, water and metal meet like soulmates; the bronze sculpture perches upon the pool’s reflective surface, creating a sense of birth from water, a precarious balance of elegance. The sculpture suggests a new sort of fluidity. Its dimensions suggest a perfect sphere as its two ends curl into itself via calming introspection, poised in that moment before a sudden bloom into grace. It is truly a cascading of the soul.
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