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Process Videos

Cascata: A Richard Erdman Sculpture from Richard Erdman on Vimeo.

Making Cascata, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2014

Installed upon a circular reflecting pool, Cascata (bronze, edition 2/3) explores one of Richard's most beloved muses: the restless harmony of Nature. It is universally symbolic of power, and Erdman has proved masterful in pairing its disparate elements for peaceful symbiosis. Water is the true force of the earth. Here, water and metal meet like soulmates; the bronze sculpture perches upon the pool’s reflective surface, creating a sense of birth from water, a precarious balance of elegance. The sculpture suggests a new sort of fluidity. Its dimensions suggest a perfect sphere as its two ends curl into itself via calming introspection, poised in that moment before a sudden bloom into grace. It is truly a cascading of the soul.
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